Swen Mortenson – Treasurer

Antelope Island to Oak Creek Sheep Capture and Transplant
Antelope Island to Oak Creek Capture
March 3, 2016
Greg Bird UFNAWS Board Member
Greg Bird – Board Member
August 2, 2016

Swen Mortenson Sheep

Swen Mortenson was born in Circleville, Utah and currently resides in Murray, Utah. Swen is the father
of three daughters; however, Melissa, the youngest of the three is the only hunter and is the one in the
attached photo with Swen. She has traveled with her father on hunting trips to many places to include
Africa, Argentina and numerous states. Swen is a graduate from Stevens Henager Business College with
an accounting degree and became one of the youngest individuals in the nation to successfully pass the
CPA exam at the age of 20. Since then, Swen has been the owner and operator of many different
companies and is currently self-employed with his firm Swen A Mortenson, Certified Public Accountant.

Swen began hunting at a very young age as a necessity in order to provide food for himself and his
family. His love and appreciation for the sport have continued to grow throughout the years. Swen went
on his first sheep hunt in 1988 with Marc Bingham. In the first year of hunting sheep, he was able to
harvest a Dall’s, Stone’s and Rocky Mtn. Bighorn sheep. Eventually, Swen was able to draw a Utah
Desert tag and he completed the Full Curl/Grand Slam as Number 995. He has since harvested the
following bighorn sheep: Two Dall’s, Two Desert’s, One Stone, Four Rocky’s, One Marco Pollo, One
Kamchatka Snow Sheep and One Yakutian Snow Sheep, for a total of twelve sheep. In addition to before
mentioned sheep, he has been on many other sheep hunts with family and friends.

Swen is a life member of SCI and the NRA as well as having memberships with Utah Wild Sheep, WSF,
and DU.