Don Peay – Board Member

Kristin Hunsaker Sheep
Kristin Hunsaker – Board Member
September 19, 2016
Travis Jenson Stone Sheep
Travis Jenson – President
September 21, 2016

Don Peay Sheep

Don Peay was the co-founder of Utah FNAWS some 25 years ago and has been involved since in Utah’s marvelous wild sheep recovery.  Since that time Utah has gone from about 500 wild sheep to 5,000.  Don helped pioneer the domestic sheep grazing permit buyout program, a win-win solution to eliminate the disease issue.  He has also been a strong advocate of addressing proactive lion depredation on wild sheep, and a nationwide leader in the Wolf Delisting effort. Don also served for six years on the national Wild Sheep Foundation Board. Don has taken all four North American Wild Sheep (Full Curl), as has his brother Ben. Don has helped many, many fellow sheep hunters achieve their dream of completing their Full Curl.  Don was the founder of the Full Curl Society, an event that gives away 13 plus sheep hunts a year at the Hunt Expo.  He has been on more than 50 wild sheep hunts with his friends.  Wild sheep conservation and wild sheep hunting are a big part of Don’s life